“It’s all about authentic storytelling – real stories, real people and real engagement.”

There is one thread weaving through our filmed content, we tell positive inspiring stories.

We believe people want to to live in a better world full of hope. We provide this by adding the magic ingredient of ‘light’ into each film. Capturing imaginations to affect inspired actions and spread good in the world.

We prefer to work with clients who would like a brighter outlook on life and want to touch move and engage audiences in a positive empowering way. These are real stories, about real people with purpose to motivate your audience in an entertaining way. Short or long form filmed content, podcasts and documentaries which reflect your mindset authentically and leave your clients feeling good having been in your space.

Films we love making include:

  • Positive TV genres
  • Authentic Brand storytelling
  • Inspiring charity films
  • CSR – corporate social responsibility
  • Documentaries
  • Circular economy
  • Inspiring story interviews
  • Sustainability stories
  • Any story that makes people feel good 🙂

With over 18 years of creating prime time documentary and entertainment television shows watched by millions in UK and globally, we can make TV genres from live studio shows, to formatted entertainment and observational documentaries.

Event Film

Fashion Brand

Charity Film

Promotional Film

Inspiring Interviews

We offer full production services, as well as an expert consultation service, assistance and advice.

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