“Good Morning Riffi,
…This is a long overdue note to say a big THANK YOU so very much for the incredible time we had with you consulting on the first season of Come Dine With Me SA. Riffi, I’ve worked with lots of production consultants and working with you was truly one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Your enthusiasm and passion and knowledge of your product just oozes out of every pore and washes over the team too. Your workshop was thoroughly informative and so enjoyable because of the style in which it was delivered. Your approach is empowering and reassuring and it was great for the entire team. Knowledgeable, passionate, professional and yet totally humble – it was an absolute pleasure working with you and I really hope we have the opportunity to do so again!
We had the press launch on Tuesday and everybody in the room just roared with laughter throughout the entire highlights package. So I hope it does really well and that we get to do a second season really soon.”

“Strictly Come Dancing”, “SA’s Got Talent”, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “Come Dine With Me” S.A.


Kee-Leen Irvine (Mrs) | Managing Director & Executive Producer, Rapid Blue Television - South Africa

” Working with Riffi was a true pleasure! She mastered her information and explained things very clearly. Her passion and true commitment to MTBHW brand is impressive. Her enthusiasm for the show was contagious and she immediately made us feel like we were partners in crime! We could not dream of a more generous studio representant. Looking forward to work with her again very soon! “

“Ma Maison Bien-Aimee” (May The Best House Win) Montreal, Canada

Caroline Singher-Boucher | Head of Programming, CASA Channel - Montreal, Canada

” Riffi’s seminar with my team packed a wealth of television knowledge into a very focused day-long session. She is passionate, experienced television professional with loads of information to share. Her analysis of television formats gives her fantastic insights into the big picure of international production trends and themes. “
“May The Best House Win” 2012, Canada


Jennifer Horvath | Series Producer, Proper Television Inc - Toronto, Canada

“ Riffi’s the real thing. In a world of snakeoil salesman and carpetbaggers, Riffi stands apart. She knows what she’s on about, and has a wonderful way of making shows better without squishing the fragile egos working on the production. A team player and an asset to any production. ”
Guy O’Sullivan – President, Proper Television Inc., Toronto, Canada

Guy O’Sullivan | President, Proper Television Inc. - Toronto, Canada

…” Working with a television professional like Riffi Khan is a huge advantage. Her knowhow of production is priceless in an industry where decisions have to be made in split seconds and the consequences could kill a project.
Riffi has the ability to communicate her experiences in an efficient way. She’s hardworking, always available and fun to work with.
…You can pay her with pain au chocolat 🙂 “

“Un Souper presque parfait” (Come Dine With Me – Montreal)


Guillaume Lesperance | Series Producer - Montreal, Canada

…” We absolutely loved working with Riffi, who was a consulant in polish edition of “Come Dine With Me” reality show.
Her broad knowledge and vast experience in this format were an enormous help for our team. Riffi answered all pre-production questions and helped solving production problems at the filming locations. She was assisting, giving tips, finding answers and generally actively contributing to the production. We would definitely like to work with Riffi again. “

“The Ugotowani show” – CDWM Poland


CDWM Poland | Production Team - Poland

…” Riffi Khan’s passion, experience, professionalism and knowledge really enabled us hit the ground running on Come Dine with Me Canada Season One. She was an enormous asset to the show.”
Come Dine With Me Canada, Canada

Cathie James | Executive Producer, Proper Television - Toronto, Canada

…” I had the pleasure of working with Riffi Khan when she was sent to Canada as a consultant from ITV to assist in setting up Come Dine With Me Canada. This is always a strange situation for a producer to have an “outsider” come in BUT, Riffi was a godsend.

…She made me feel as if she was there not to tell me what to do, but to help me. This may seem like a insignificant difference but it was HUGE to me. I never felt like she was stepping on my toes. The entire crew – from PA’s to DOP’s to Editors to Participants all felt safe and confident with Riffi and her knowledge, experience and suggestions. Riffi was only contracted to come over for a short period of time, but she provided insight and information long before she came over and long after. I feel that the success of our program was in part, due to Riffi and her getting us off on the right foot. I would not hesitate a second for the chance to work with Riffi Khan again. “
Come Dine With Me, Toronto Canada

Amy Hosking | Series Producer, Proper Television - Toronto, Canada