“Ensuring your story is authentic, positive and your audience is inspired to take action.”

Do you know your true brand story?

We help you uncover your authentic brand story which your audience will relate to organically. Commissioning the wrong film or podcast narrative can be a time-consuming and costly mistake that few can afford.

We offer a unique one-to-one design session to discover the narrative you need to create, stress-test that it’s authentic to your core message and engages your audience. Whether you want TV documentaries, engaging podcasts or brand films – let’s have an open conversation to empower you to create the stories which fulfil your goal.

One-to-One Story Consultancy

Commissioning or creating the right podcast or film can be a daunting prospect. Whether you want TV documentaries, brand films or event videos we are here to help you find your way through.

Uncovering your Authentic Brand Story

A half day face-to-face session to establish your core messages, work out your target audience and co-create your story narrative with you for podcast and video.

  • Get clarity about who your core audience is
  • Stress-test the strength and authenticity of your idea & concept
  • Identifying your audience’s underlying needs
  • Positioning yourself in the market place uniquely
  • How to create trust by being your true self
  • Co-authoring your film / podcast storylines to engage your audience
  • Creating real trust though targeted video or podcasts which inspires
  • Co-create your TV / format idea

It’s our intention that people tell stories with purpose and positive impact.

“Working with Riffi was a total pleasure. She truly cared and throughout the whole process was unwavering in her commitment to getting the outcome we wanted. She asked probing and insightful questions and listened intently. She picked up on key points and used her creativity and extensive TV experience to come up with ways in which those issues could be communicated effectively to the audience. The session was so much more than a collaboration. It was a co-creation. I would strongly recommend Riffi to any organisation looking to stand out from the crowd by making film that truly communicates an authentic message in a conscious, impactful and inspiring way.”

Steve Roche

Head, Heart & Soul

Production Services

Action Event Film

Fashion Showcase

Positive Charity Film

Promotional Film

Authentic brand related stories.

We believe storytelling, and effective storytelling, is the core of everything. This is what underlies your ability differentiate your proposition, brand identity, or core values. We also differ from classic content makers because we mingle with the brands audience to understand how they think and what they want.

“It’s all about authentic story telling, real stories, real people and real engagement.”

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