Casting more diversely is just a different approach

Casting Diversity in TV programming has become a growing cultural issue as society becomes more ethnically diverse. Programme makers are increasingly being asked to reflect this change and represent all parts of society through projects such as Cultural Diversity Network (CDN)’s Project Diamond and Channel 4’s 360 Diversity Charter, and Directors UK's Adjusting the Colour Balance.

“It’s about casting smarter, not harder” Riffi

How we help

Driving the casting diversity change with programme makers delivers:

  • Richer characters.
  • Stronger cast led shows.
  • New audience appeal.
  • New commissioning opportunities locally and globally.

We can deliver a deeper understanding of this new environment through open and honest conversations with casting teams, and share tried and tested techniques, resulting in a more confident and enthusiastic casting team.

Who we’ve helped cast diversely

Our clients include Zodiak, IWC, RDF, Endemol and Betty TV.

Through a series of masterclass workshops you will learn how to improve targeting, engaging and enrolling diverse BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities. Ensuring you meet your own CDN’s Project Diamond targets. With over 15 years first-hand producing and directing experience casting shows across all Factual genres for broadcasters, we are uniquely placed to support Diversity.

What they’ve said about the workshops:

"Riffi was super knowledgable and it was wonderful that she could draw on personal production experiences." RDF London
"I enjoyed the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about what is a difficult and overlooked area in our industry." IWC Zodiak
"It made me more aware of different avenues to target in the casting process." IWC Zodiak
“It’s simply a circumstance of birth which area you grew up in. White or BAME, let's fill in the gaps”

Workshop benefits

Diverse casting workshop (3 hours)

Hands-on three hour workshop on casting diversely. This workshop will give attendees an understanding of this new environment and leave them more confident in casting diversely. Workshop will cover:
  • Perceptions and barriers.
  • Cultural sensitivities.
  • Tried and tested techniques.
  • Experiential exercises.

Diverse casting advanced workshop (3 hours)

Focused three hour workshop on leading and motivating casting teams. This workshop will deliver insights and real solutions that help those leading casting teams. Workshop will cover:
  • Insights on casting diversely.
  • Real solutions to common problems.
  • Latest tools for diverse casting.
  • How to lead from the front.

Lunch & Learn (1 hour)

Informal one hour workshop with lunch included, providing insight into Casting Diversity on-screen. Workshop will cover:
  • How diversity affects your production team.
  • The common perceptions and portrayal of discussing Diversity.
  • Importance of creating trust with BAME communities.
  • Opening up diversity as positive force to win quality commissions.


The following workshops are tailor-made for the individual needs of production companies. They provide specialist training for researchers, producers, casting producers and series producers to bridge the gaps in their casting skills.

Half-Day: Diverse Casting Workshop (3 hours)

We know first hand how precious time is for production teams: releasing someone for training time equals time lost in casting. This is a power-packed 3 hours of real, intense and tested techniques. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of different ethnic communities and the confidence to approach. Passing through the first step of breaking down some of the perceptions (and barriers) between ‘us’ and ‘them’, attendees will then gain, through various experiential exercises, some clear starting points on how and where to find ethnic cast members. Attendees will learn appropriate and practical approaches, according to each culture and its practices. As this is a sensitive area, the workshop is facilitated with great confidentiality, creating a safe space for attendees to address their own personal challenges.

Half-Day: Diverse Casting Advanced

Focusing on leading and motivating your teams with real solutions and insights. These 3 intense hours are to focused on updating Producers and PD's who rely on their teams to deliver diverse casting. Leading from the front means producers armed with solutions to keep coming up with new avenues for their production teams. We go over the latest tools for diverse casting and tailored Q&A to find solutions to current Factual or factual entertainment Programmes. Particularly useful when planning your resources for targeting.

Half-Day Workshop: Direct Cultural Insights

For all the production companies across entertainment and factual programming.
No time? We bring the ‘BAME culture ambassadors’ to you, in your office.

To find out more please get in touch, and we'll create diversity training to suit your team and support Project Diamond.