What I offer is unusual in the industry. I’m a dedicated production consultant, combining my great experience and knowledge with a natural teaching ability.

My speciality is in guiding production companies wishing to adapt the most popular factual and reality format shows from the UK into equally successful television in other countries, and I have achieved a strong reputation in this unique field. I’m very adaptable and have assisted in launching formats in countries as diverse as Canada, Poland, Cyprus, Iran, Holland, South Africa (for BBC Worldwide) and Latvia.

Naturally, every production team (and broadcaster) has a different working style, as well as different needs, aims and resources at its disposal …and this is where I can help. With my easy-going style (and the calm head of experience) I’m able guide international clients and their teams, at the early stages of a new production, to make the most of what they have. And, more often than not, this needs to be achieved in a very short time…
I am proud of my work and value each client, which means I am on-hand to provide follow-up advice for production teams to ensure their new project will be a success and allow them make the best of their resources.

Format Services:

• Evaluating your show for format potential.
• Identify the format point to protect your format.
• Consultancy advice on rolling out Formats to new Territories.
• Creating all-in-one easy to understand Production Bibles.
• Workshops: Casting and Production Methods for your global teams.
• Covers all genres in factual and factual entertainment: live studio, reality, format and documentary.
• A proven easy, relaxed and diplomatic style working with your teams and with your resources.

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